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Similar to how baby showers are for babies; blessingways are for mothers. A chance for meaningful women in the mother’s life come together, support and celebrate her journey into motherhood (again).


Instead of inviting your cousin's best friend's wife, or whomever else you feel obligated to invite, you welcome only your closest, most cherished friends.

Instead of pastel, paper streamers and balloons, you are greeted by flowers and candlelight.

Instead of feeling self-conscious about your pregnant body, your form is celebrated and captured in a plaster cast.

Instead of identifying unmarked dollops of baby food or brands of candy bars mashed into nappies, you enjoy a relaxing footbath infused with healing aromas and imbued with meaning.

Instead of keeping intentions, fears, and concerns around your pregnancy, birth, and future motherhood unspoken and suppressed, you openly share these thoughts with the women so they may be supported during the ceremony.

Instead of hearing negative birth stories masked by uncomfortable laughter, you are bathed in inspirational and empowering stories of birth and body wisdom.

Personalized Blessingway Kits

Blessingway Kits are customizable to your personal blessingway.
Here are some of the items available for your kit:

•Invitations & envelopes *
•Henna Kits & Stencils
•Birth Figurines*
•Birth Jewellery*
•Birth Beads*
•Quilt Pieces

*handmade and personalized to your specifications

Premade Kit $35 + postage
1 Henna kit
1 medium Birth pendant
1 Pack of 10 beads
1 ball of yarn
1 small candle

Premade Kit $60 + postage
8 blank cards and envelopes
1 Henna kit
1 medium Birth pendant
1 Pack of 10 beads
1 ball of yarn
1 small candle
1 birth figurine

Please email info@birthsweet.com for more information, quote or to order your personalized Blessingway Kit.


Blessingways may include:

Bead Ceremony - Each woman is asked to bring a bead for a blessing necklace. At some time during the ceremony a bowl is handed around the circle and each woman gives her bead and a blessing for mother and baby. At the end of the ceremony one of the women threads the beads together and gives the necklace to the mother to have with her during the birth. This gives the mother to be a connection to all her women friends when she is birthing.

Binding of the wrists - The woman running the ritual brings a real of wool or fine thread. This is bound around each woman's left wrist by the woman who sits to the left of her, as each woman binds the thread on the other woman's wrist she says "from women we were born into this circle, from women we were born unto this earth". This ritual is symbolic of the thread that connects us all as women. It also keeps each women tuned into the birthing mother as she leads up to her time. When she goes into labour, all women in her circle are contacted through the phone tree and each woman breaks the thread and sends a blessing for an easy birth.

Massaging the Mother - Take along some lush, pregnancy friendly, massage oils and be sure to give her the full treatment with as many women as possible joining in. Brush her hair, give her a facial, whatever indulgence she wants.

Flowers - Flowers are symbolic of nature's abundance and beauty just as a woman is when she is in her full pregnant bloom. Be sure to ask all women to bring flowers and create a beautiful alter with them. A flower crown is a beautiful thing to have for the mother.

Singing - The singing of songs to celebrate woman, pregnancy and birth is a beautiful way to honour and share at a blessing way. Each woman may bring a song or poem or instrument to play or you may have a talented friend who can lead the group in song.

Post Birth Support - On the day of the Blessing Way Ceremony have a close friend take the names and contact details of each woman present to be put on a "support roster" for bringing meals after the birth. Each woman brings one meal (ensuring the ingredients are breast feeding friendly) to the new mother and helps out in any way she can when she drops it off - e.g. dishwashing, clothes washing etc. This support is invaluable for the new mum at a big transition time in her life.

Quilt - Each woman is given a square patch of material and cut out designs and sews them on so that it could sew together and make a quilt for the baby.

Birth Stories - Each woman shares a positive birth story or affirmation.

Bell Anklet - An anklet is made by the women of red and blue beads. Red for courage and blue for calm. It jingles every time the mother walks. The idea was to encourage the mother to have an active birth. The mother knows if she is labouring well if she can hear the bells.

Felt Wall Hanging - Which was a tree of life and all of the women contribute symbols of themselves to the felting.

Birthing Figurines - Making clay (lotus, vaginas etc) to place on the mother's birth altar or special bag to take to her birth space.

Candles - Each woman has a small candle to light during the labour to symbolize their support, wishes and prayers. The candle is blown out when the baby is born. This can be an especially beautiful way to involve family or friends that live far way.

Stone Paintings - Everyone paints a stone with an empowering symbol or word.

Lotus Birth Bag - The mother can choose a lovely piece of material for her placenta bag and have everyone there take turns at stitching it up together. Or each woman brings a patch of material to help make the bag.

Belly Art - Belly castings, henna or face paint crayons to decorate the mother's belly. 

Prayer Flag - Each woman brings a 10x15 piece of fabric and write a message of support and they are then sewn into a prayer flag, which hung over the birth space.

Recipe Book - A handwritten (on A4 paper) recipe for the mother's family cookbook, which can include pictures, drawings, insights or quotes. This is then bound for the mother to treasure.